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Rabbit or Duck? This Calculates Your Creative Ability

You already know how crazy things can go viral on social media, right? Last year, it was the photograph of the blue dress that made the Internet people go bonkers. Now, it is an optical-illusion picture of a duck. Or a rabbit. Or, maybe, both…

rabbit duck

Okay, so, what do you see? Are you able to find both a rabbit and a duck?

The above drawing was published in a German magazine in the late 1890s. Psychologist Joseph Jastrow who was known for his work on optical illusions commented on the picture back in 1899 and said that individuals who could switch between seeing the two animals were found to be able to come up with 5 unusual uses for a daily item during a test. Dr Jastrow added that, on the other hand, those not able to flip between the two, or who experienced difficulty in doing so, could only produce two unexpected uses for the same items. The point is the ability to switch between viewing a rabbit and a duck is indicative of a creative mind.

The image has stood the test of time — it has featured in a children’s book authored by Amy Krouse Rosenthal few years ago in 2009. And, now, it is all over social media.


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