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Robot-Run Farm To Grow Lettuce Independent of Humans

World, get ready for lifeless and emotionless farmers! A firm based in Japan will soon develop a robot-run farm to grow lettuce containing more beta carotene than the conventional farm-grown one —  mostly without constant human assistance.


Technology has replaced cattle for the plowing of land. Machines have also rendered men of certain professions redundant. Now, it appears that robot farmers might also gain the upper hand over human farmers. Well, in a world that is gradually moving away from the natural world in more ways than not, is this any surprising?

A Kyoto-based company, Spread, has recently announced that it intends to create the world’s very first farm that would mostly operate on its own. The project is said to materialise in around two years’ time. Yes, according to Spread, the technology will have been developed by 2017.

Robots will ensure that the farm operates autonomously. Koji Morisada from Spread explains that
the majority of the activities of the farm will be monitored by robots. Seeds will be watered by robots, the crops will be harvested by robots, mostly everything (other than the eating) will be done by robots. On the other hand, planting the seeds will still require humans to do so. Well, well, we are not all that useless, are we?!

The endeavour will start off with lettuce initially. The firm says that about 30,000 heads of lettuce can be grown on a daily basis; the cultivation of the plant will be done on shelves arranged one on top of the other in a 4,400-square-metres space. The company points out that were humans to do the job, the given space would not have been adequate to accommodate for the workers.

Furthermore, Spread also claims its robot-farm will constitute a green endeavour as the energy expenditure will be cut down (not to mention personnel costs). Moreover, the lettuce will not be sprayed with pesticides, and will contain more beta carotene than your normal farm-grown lettuce.

So, how would you feel about eating lettuce grown by robots?


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