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Unhackable Quantum Internet In the Making

Quantum Internet might be the next thing as scientists from Stanford University are currently working on creating one that is expected to be practically ‘unhackable’. The paper is published in Nature Photonics.

quantum internet

The concept of quantum Internet entails the storage of data in light particles (called photons). Normally, this is done in light beams which are used in optical fibre for the transmission of data. Using the individual light particles would take data storage to a completely higher level. The current systems across which information is carried make of it easy to be intercepted by unwanted people. This is a problem that photons will potentially solve: they will be destroyed if one attempts to measure them. This means that hacking will be mostly impossible. This sounds likes music to our ears given that we are living in a world where our information is out there standing vulnerable to hacking.

Scientists have been attempting to get closer to setting up a basis for quantum Internet, but the work is not easy at all. The team from Stanford University might have made great progress though: they have made a nanoscale laser (a source of quantum light (streams of single photons)) that could pave the way to quantum connections.

The laser beams light through a chip made of gallium arsenide. The latter not only produces quantum light (blue), but it serves as a filter enabling classical light (pink) to get through. The filter keeps unwanted light away (background light) so that the scientists can record a quantum signal which is otherwise difficult to read because it is weaker.

Lead author Jelena Vuckovic explains that their technique might help them to “secure quantum communications”.

The scientists are now putting together a preliminary device to ultimately create the basis of a quantum Internet.


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