Day: March 1, 2016

Scientists Find New Way to Identify Alien Life

Two astrophysicists propose a new way to spot extraterrestrial life that might be searching for us. Their paper is published in the journal Astrobiology. What if alien life is searching for us as we are searching for them? René Heller and Ralph Pudritz, the authors of the new paper, believe that the best way for

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Hermaphrodites Reproducing Without Males Have Shorter Lifespans

Hermaphrodite nematodes reproducing without the assistance of males have been shown to have shorter lifespans, says a new study published in The American Naturalist. Being a hermaphrodite might have its perks — you don’t need a mate to mate — but, it also decreases lifespan. The new study focuses on Pristionchus nematodes which include species

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