Day: March 4, 2016

Using Laser Weapon To Shield Earth From Asteroid Impacts

Scientists propose the use of laser weapons to shield the Earth from asteroid impacts. The possibility of asteroids impacting the Earth has kept some scientists busy with finding ways to avert such hazards. One such concept has recently been put in the spotlight: using a laser weapon to protect the planet from killer asteroids. Shielding

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How Peanuts & Peanut Butter Can Help To Fight Obesity

A new study shows how peanuts & peanut butter can help fight obesity. It is published in the Journal of Applied Research on Children. A study focusing on Hispanic middle school children shows that snacking on peanuts helps reduce BMI. The aim of the team of researchers behind the endeavour was to find ways to

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Stress Boosts Spread of Cancer

Stress boosts the spread of cancer by making more freeways through which tumour cells escape to other regions of the body, and by increasing the speed at which this happens. The paper is published in the journal Nature Communications. We’ve been hearing it for all our lives — stress is bad for our health. An increasing

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Mysterious Deep-Space Repeating Radio Bursts Detected For The First Time

Repeating Fast Radio Bursts (FRB) have been detected for the first time ever by astronomers. Their findings are published in the journal Nature. Ever since scientists first came across them around 10 years ago, FRBs have been found as one-off events. Until now. The repeating short radio bursts (lasting for only a few thousandths of a second)

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