Day: March 8, 2016

Bacteria Display Advanced Memory Ability In Groups

A new research shows how bacteria come together in groups to form a collective memory so that their tolerance to stress is enhanced. Individual bacterial cells are limited by a short memory. To counter this drawback, the bacteria develop collective memory in groups. Bacteria require ‘stronger memory’ of a critical situation to be able to cope

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Obesity In Pregnancy Linked With Lower Vitamin D Levels In Mother & Child

Obesity during pregnancy has been linked with lower vitamin D levels in both mother and child, says a new study published in PLOS ONE. Furthermore, these babies have a greater risk of childhood obesity. Obesity has turned into an epidemic. Its effects are tremendous and far-reaching. Obesity among pregnant women has also been on the

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Giant Pyramid-Like Mountain On Ceres Reveals Its Secrets

The pyramid-shaped mountain, Ahuna Mons, of Dwarf planet Ceres has opened up some of its wonders to us as NASA’s Dawn spacecraft was able to capture precious information when it moved into orbit around it. Ceres is situated in the asteroid belt lying between Mars and Jupiter. Dawn spacecraft slid into orbit a year ago,

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Sugar Does Not ‘Construct’ Cancer Cells ― Another Nutrient Does

Sugar does not ‘construct’ cancer cells — another nutrient does. It is not the nutrient that provides the most building blocks to make the cancerous cells, according to a new study published in the journal Developmental Cell. The researchers were surprised to discover that another nutrient does the job. The uncontrolled cell division characterising cancer proliferation is thought

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