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Bermuda Triangle Mystery Linked With Huge Underwater Gas Explosions

The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle might have finally been unveiled. After a group of scientists discovered the presence of enormous underwater craters in the Barents Sea, it was proposed that this might explain the disappearance of so many ships in that region. The findings will be explained during the annual meeting of the European Geosciences Union next month.


The Bermuda Triangle, situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, has often been associated with mysterious cases of ships going missing in that section of the sea. This theory has remained undocumented by scientists — no evidence has ever been brought forth as to the legitimacy of the claims. The numerous stories pertaining to the Bermuda Triangle have remained myths. Maybe, though, the new discovery of giant craters underneath the sea might help shed light on the subject?

The craters make around a kilometre in width, and are over 45 metres deep. Scientists say they might have been created following accumulation of methane which would have come from natural gas deposits. As it sunk under the surface, this methane would have ultimately formed cavities which would have then burst.

Several craters were present on the sea floor in the west-central Barents sea, according to scientists from the Arctic University of Norway. These might have caused huge “blowouts of gas”.

The craters are not exactly in the vicinity of the area associated with the Bermuda Triangle. But, it is argued that they might still be behind the strange occurrences.

Also, when the findings will be released next month, it will be made clear whether these types of bubbles could endanger ships.

The scientists behind the discovery have not themselves pointed out the possibility of a link between the crater-explosion and the Bermuda Triangle. But, the theory was mentioned last year by Igor Yelstov from the Trofimuk Institute who said that gas hydrates reactions might be linked with the mystery of Bermuda-Triangle disappearances.


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