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Ruins of Lost Civilisation Discovered in Mizoram, India

Many an ancient civilisation having left this world centuries ago will remain hidden from us — until archaeologists will be made to stumble upon them. Such a past world has been discovered by a team of researchers in Mizoram, India, reports The Times of India.

Ancient ruins of what is possibly a lost civilisation in Mizoram.

Ancient ruins of what is possibly a lost civilisation in Mizoram, India.

An excavation began in Vangchhia, a city in the Champai district of Indian state Mizoram, last November. Led by the general director of the Archaeological Survey of India (“ASI”), indications of a lost civilisation have been revealed. The findings are thought to bring forward hitherto-unknown information about the Indian state.

The researchers have looked into what lies under bushes and lush greenery found in the region. They came across over 50 structures as well as 9 terraces built with large stones which might have been burial sites. These have engraved images of humans, animals, and flowers. Furthermore, they found a structure that seemed to be a water pavilion bearing close resemblance to those in the Taj Mahal.

No definite conclusion has been drawn yet as to the nature of the findings, says Sujeet Nayan, the Assistant Superintending archaeologist from ASI. More studies will have to be conducted to shed light on this apparent lost civilisation; for instance, carbon dating will be done to test fragmented charcoal samples taken from the site. The body of evidence is expected to constitute invaluable information concerning the history of Mizoram and India.


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