Day: April 2, 2016

Smoking Modifies Mouth Bacterial Populations

Smoking modifies the bacteria in your mouth… in a bad way. Yet another reason to quit smoking: it changes the oral microbiome according to a new study published in the International Society for Microbial Ecology Journal. The mouth contains hundreds of species of bacteria that are needed for the proper functioning of the human body.

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Study Shows: Grammar Nazis Have Less Agreeable Personalities

Grammar nazis are reputed for being meticulous when it comes to grammar. This trait of theirs might actually be indicative of a “less agreeable” personality, suggests a new study published in PLOS ONE. Yea totally unrelated photo You are either one of them or you hate all of them — grammar Nazis. A new study based

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Dox: First Star With Almost Pure Oxygen Atmosphere Discovered

A star with an atmosphere made of almost entirely of pure oxygen has been discovered. It is described in a paper published in the journal Science. The new kind of star was hitherto thought to be theoretical only. Named SDSS J124043.01+671034.68 (and commonly being called Dox), has deviated from the general rule that small stars

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