Day: April 5, 2016

YouTuber Creates Home-Made Thermite-Launching Cannon

A guy from YouTube has recently developed a home-made, metal-launching cannon with thermite. Yea, no big deal. If you’re familiar with Youtube-entertainers, you will surely know Colin Furze, and you will have heard of his mad-scientist ‘experiments’ which get crazier and crazier. Remember when he was walking on ceilings with magnetic shoes? Well, wait till

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Pendulum Clock Synchronisation Mystery Sheds Light on Heart Beating

Unveiling the mystery of two pendulums synchronising could help understand biological rhythmic phenomenons like heart beating and breathing. The paper describing this relationship is published in the journal Scientific Reports. Why do pendulum clocks placed on the same wall influence each other such that a synchrony between them will be brought about after a certain

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