Day: April 6, 2016

Bilingual Babies Are Better Problem-Solvers

Bilingual babies have enhanced brain activities pertaining to problem-solving, and are also more open to learning new languages, says a study published in Developmental Science. The brains of babies as young as 11 months of age who are from bilingual families not only show activities linked with executive functions but are also more open to grasping

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Plastic-Eating Bacteria Could Help Alleviate Pollution

A newly-discovered bacterial species might be the solution to pollution: it has the ability to consume a commonly-used plastic completely. The paper is published in Science. The newly-found microbe named Ideonella sakaiensis has been spotted in samples of soil from Japan. It has also been located in wastewater and recycling plant sludge. It is able

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Humans Turned On By Touching Robots

Touching robots in their ‘intimate’ areas might arouse humans, says a new study conducted by researchers from Stanford University. The results will be presented at the International Communication Association in Japan. Robots might be non-living, but they will still elicit responses in humans. This is what was concluded from a series of experiments involving a

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Dust Devil Spotted on Mars — What is a Dust Devil?

A dust devil, a type of extraterrestrial whirlwinds (a mini-tornado, so to say), has been spotted by NASA’s Mars rover Opportunity which has been navigating the surface of Mars for over a decade now. The Mars rover Opportunity of NASA was out there on the Martian surface in an area called the Knudsen Ridge where studies

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