Day: April 7, 2016

New NASA Mission: Sending Mice to Space

Because sending humans into space is not enough, scientists are now going to send mice too. A group of mice will soon do what you have not had the opportunity to ever do — going into space. They will be sent to the International Space Station (ISS) tomorrow, April 8, onboard the SpaceX resupply rocket. Oh,

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Evidence of Viking Activities Found in North America

A site in southwestern Newfoundland called Point Rosee might constitute a hitherto-unknown Viking settlement, says a team of archaeologists. Remains found on the southwest shore of Canadian Island, Newfoundland, might be evidence of Vikings having once lived in North America. If the findings are confirmed, the site would become the second to be discovered with

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Quantum Spin Liquid – New State of Matter Discovered

A new state of matter has been spotted in a two-dimensional material called alpha-ruthenium that bears resemblance to graphene. It has been named “quantum spin liquid” state, and is said to come together with strange fermions. The findings are published in Nature Materials. The quantum spin liquid had been predicted by scientists decades ago; it

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