Day: April 12, 2016

Solution to Myopia: Spend More Time Outside

Myopia that has grown to be an epidemic in children can be curbed by increasing exposure to sunshine. Sometimes, sunshine is the answer to life woes. A new study conducted by optometrists from Australia indicates that exposure to outdoor light will help decrease cases of myopia in children. If children spend around two hours outside

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The Sugar Which Removes Cholesterol From Arteries

A particular sugar might be the answer to cleansing your arteries from bad cholesterol! This finding is documented in a paper published in Science Translational Medicine. This ‘miracle sugar’ is called cyclodextrin. It has been demonstrated, in a study conducted by immunologist Eicke Latz and colleagues, to clear cholesterol that has accumulated in the arteries

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Marijuana Can Affect Male Fertility, Suggests New Study

Marijuana might be harmful to males in terms of sperm production, says a new study published in The FASEB Journal. The study focusing mainly on finding ways to enhance male fertility has found that a ‘marijuana receptor’ called CB2 (a cannabinoid receptor) is linked with the regulation of sperm production (a process named spermatogenesis). This might sound

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