Day: April 16, 2016

Hierarchy In Ants Provides Insight Into Dominance Behaviours of Other Species

Studying social hierarchies in ants will hopefully allow scientists to understand the nature of societies of other animals like primates. The new paper is published in The American Naturalist. How do we understand animal societies that are led by a group of them, the alpha individuals? Normally, research has revealed the inner workings of societies with a

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The True Nature of Consciousness Revealed

A new study explaining the nature of consciousness in terms of how we perceive our world aims at reconciling between the two well-known hypotheses proposed by researchers in the past. The paper is published in PLOS Biology. Consciousness is claimed to be continuous by some, and discrete by others. The first theory suggests that it

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Trees Exchange Carbon Via Tiny Intimately-Bound Creature

Forest trees exchange carbon with each other using a creature intimately connected to them. The surprising new findings are published in Science. Nature is not selfish; rather, generosity and giving are among its core values. A new study shows how forest trees do not use carbon for themselves only: they will exchange great amounts thereof

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