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Smart Contact Lenses Take Photographs With Blink of an Eye

Samsung’s smart contact lenses serving as cameras might be the next technological hype!

smart contact lenses

Myopic people must dread the thought of living in an era when glasses and contact lenses did not yet exist. Thankfully, science has undergone much headway that allows for them to see. If this was not already enough, researchers want to push ahead, developing more sophisticated means for them to view their environment. Along this line of thought, Samsung intends to produce the world’s first smart contact lenses.
The smart contact lenses will do much more than enabling myopic people to see. They will be meant to take photographs as well — literally taking pictures with the blink of an eye.­ The announcement was made on Sammobile technology blog.

The firm has piled a patent for the technology in South Korea.

The contact lenses will be equipped with a camera together with an image display and sensors. Mere blinking will allow the user to monitor some of the functions. They will go hand in hand with a smartphone that will be wirelessly connected to them.

We do not yet know if this patent application will be approved. Let us hope it does.


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