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Watch Out For Huge Meteor Shower from April 20 to May 21 2016

As the Earth is going to pass through the tail of Halley’s Comet, a most wonderful heaven show is going to open up to us: a shower of meteors lasting from April 20 to May 21 2016.


The end of this month will be punctuated by a shower of meteors. What better way to end the month?!

The meteor shower named Eta Aquarids will last for a month. One is expected to enjoy the marvellous sight on May 5 to May 7 when the skies will be the darkest because of the new moon. This shower is thus named because the meteors are in the same region as constellation Aquarius.

But, of course, this will not be visible to everyone – you have to be at the right place at the right time.

The most fortunate ones will most likely be in the Southern Hemisphere who are expected to be graced with the sight of about 30 meteors per hour. As for those in the Northern Hemisphere, they might view around 10 per hour. Otherwise, people from other areas of the Earth might get to see some meteors in the sky.

The best view will most likely happen in the early hours before the appearance of the morning twilight.

No special equipment is required, but, light pollution might interfere with the viewing of the showers.

The next time we’ll be seeing Halley’s Comet will only happen in 2061! However, we will still be able to have the light show every April and October when our planet passes through its tail (the shower of October is called the Orionid shower because of its vicinity to the Orion constellation).


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