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YouTuber Creates Home-Made Thermite-Launching Cannon

A guy from YouTube has recently developed a home-made, metal-launching cannon with thermite. Yea, no big deal.

Credits: Colin F.

Credits: Colin F.

If you’re familiar with Youtube-entertainers, you will surely know Colin Furze, and you will have heard of his mad-scientist ‘experiments’ which get crazier and crazier. Remember when he was walking on ceilings with magnetic shoes? Well, wait till you hear what he has recently done. He has now made his very own thermite cannon.

Thermite is normally used for industrial purposes such as welding. But, Furze put it to another use altogether. Wait — you must be wondering about whether all this is legal or not. It is not. One cannot just create a thermite-launcher at home. Furze had to obtain special grant to have the permission to do so.

He made the launcher after designing it himself. He then built the thermite shells. He mixed iron oxide with aluminium powder to make the explosive cocktail which can burn up to 2,500 degrees Celsius when ignited with magnesium.

Oh, and, do no try this at home!


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