Day: May 3, 2016

One Trillion Species On Earth, Estimate Biologists

Life does not exist in millions or billions of species – rather, the real figure amounts to almost one trillion, says a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Life is made to thrive on Earth, both in variety and in number. This planet is blessed with millions and billions of species,

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Venus Is Much Colder At The Poles Than Previously Thought

We know more of Venus now thanks to the interpretation of data collected by the Venus Express probe of the The European Space Agency’s (ESA). The Venus Express probe was sent by the ESA to glean information concerning Venus; it spent 8 years fulfilling its mission, but it went offline back in 2014. Thankfully, its

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Happiness & Depression Genes Identified For the First Time Ever

Do we experience happiness and depression in the same way? A new study published in Nature Genetics says that there are differences, and these are the result of genetics. Specific parts of the human genome might be the reason behind the individual differences in experiencing happiness; previous research has shown that genetic differences might account

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Bitcoin’s Creator Finally Known! He is Craig Wright

We finally know who is the creator of the Bitcoin currency! He’s an Australian! An entrepreneur from Australia, Craig Wright, has come out today, May 2, as the brain behind the virtual currency called bitcoin. He is reported to have revealed himself to the BBC, The Economist, and GQ Magazine. Is it really proven that

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Ravens Are As Intelligent As Chimps – Maleficent Would Be Delighted!

Maleficent was right to have ravens by her side, after all. The creature has been shown to be as intelligent as chimpanzees in spite of their smaller brains. Again, we find that size is not necessarily a restriction. The study is published in Royal Society Open Science. Researchers from Lund University, Sweden, have found that

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Free Will Is An Illusion, Say Scientists From Yale

The question of free will remains a subject of controversy among mankind. Many are those who claim that we are endowed with free will while others have questioned whether we actually make our own choices. A new study inclines to the latter: it argues that free will is merely an illusion instigated by the brain. Neuroscientists

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