Day: May 6, 2016

Our Closest Social Circle Can Have Only 5 People

A new study supports the old theory that the human social circle is divided into layers, each with different numbers and categories of people. Their paper is available online here. Researchers from University of Oxford, UK, and the Aalto University School of Science, Finland, put their brains together to understand human behaviour pertaining to their

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Reviving Brain Dead Patients By Triggering Their Nervous System

Scientists from a US-based biotech firm plan to trigger the nervous system of brain-dead patients to ‘revive’ their brains. And, guess what, they have been granted ethical permission to do so. Company Bioquark wants to stimulate the dead back to life, or something along these lines. The project called ReAnima will be made possible thanks

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Sony Is Creating Contact Lenses To Allow Users To Record Videos

Recently, we heard of contact lenses that would allow the ‘wearer’ to take pictures¬†with the blink of an eye. Sony inventors have now gone a step further with smart contact lenses that will record and play back videos. The brains behind this innovation are from Japan. They have applied for a patent for the smart

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Trapped Rainwater Can Trigger Earthquakes

Rain, the means of life on earth, can also fuel chaos – this is an undeniable fact humans have come to accept. A new study shows that the bitter aspect of rain is even more threatening than we would allow ourselves to think: water sent down from above can also promote intense earthquakes. The paper

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Heavy Body Shape Linked With Greater Mortality Risks

People who are naturally lean have the lowest mortality risk while those bearing a heavy body shape since childhood have the highest rate, according to a study published in The BMJ. Being lean is often associated with better health as opposed to being overweight. But, what about body shape? The researchers of the new study

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