Day: May 18, 2016

How Mount St Helens Eruption 36 Years Ago Changed Volcano Science

36 years ago, Mount St. Helens, in the US, caused unexpected chaos. Its northern side had spent weeks rising as the ground was being pushed upwards by the magma. Then, one day, it snapped and collapsed, resulting in a huge landslide, with the ground shaking, and leading to an eruption; ash rose to the air

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Brain Activity of Epileptic Man Meeting ‘God’ Documented

A report of an epileptic man not particularly religious, but identifying as a Jew, claiming he saw an image of God is the talk of the town (in the world of neuroscience, anyway). Researchers have documented this incident in a paper published in the journal Epilepsy and Behaviour. The man in question was being treated

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ISS Completes 100,000th Orbit!

The International Space Station has orbited the Earth for the 100,000th time, announces the Moscow-based mission control centre. The space station is situated at an altitude of 400 kilometres, travelling around our planet once every 90 minutes at 28,000 kilometres per hour. It has now made its 100,000th orbiting from 0435 to 0610 GMT. NASA

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Dung Beetle Takes Snapshots of Night Sky To Find Its Way Home

The dung beetle isn’t just wonderful because it makes poop rolls for dinner. It has another special ability up its sleeve: it can use celestial navigation to find its way home after playing with its poop balls. The paper describing this trait of the creature¬†is published in the journal Current Biology. The dung beetle might

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