Day: May 24, 2016

Smoking During Pregnancy Linked With Risk of Schizophrenia in Foetus

A new study emphasises the great danger of smoking: it suggests that smoking in pregnant women is linked with higher risks of schizophrenia in their children. The paper is published in the American Journal of Psychiatry. The overall health of the pregnant mother is linked with that of her child. Science has proved how adhering

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Two New Lunar Craters Discovered

Two new craters have been spotted on the darkest regions of the Moon! The paper documenting the findings is published in the journal Icarus. The study was conducted by researchers from¬†Southwest Research Institute. The two craters are geologically young ones: the first one is about 16 million years old, while the other one’s age is

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Diversity in Nose Shape Defined By 5 Genes Only

The shape of your nose is dictated by 5 genes specifically, says a new study published in the journal Nature Communications. Societies are so focused on physical appearance, and other traits that are generally apparent to others, that they tend to restrict the definition of beauty and “what is acceptable”, while the truth is the

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Fighting Cancer By Using Immune Cells of Healthy Individuals

Tackling tumours using the immune cells of someone else: this is what researchers of a new study have successfully demonstrated. The paper is published in the journal Science. Cancer immunotherapy has grown into a broad field of research, whereby scientists endeavour to make the immune system of cancer patients to fight the disease. They have,

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