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Sony Is Creating Contact Lenses To Allow Users To Record Videos

Recently, we heard of contact lenses that would allow the ‘wearer’ to take pictures with the blink of an eye. Sony inventors have now gone a step further with smart contact lenses that will record and play back videos.


The brains behind this innovation are from Japan. They have applied for a patent for the smart contact lenses. The patent includes the description of a wireless technology that will have to be connected to a smartphone. This invention is reminiscent to the other smart contact lenses in more ways than not: for instance, the new one will only require a blink of an eye to allow the user to switch from one command to another, and it will also allow the taking of photos.

But, wait a minute. If blinking is enough to take pictures, does this mean a picture will be shot every single time the user will blink? This will indeed be extremely annoying and inefficient. The Japanese inventors have, of course, gotten across this problem. Their device is able to make the distinction between conscious blinking and the unintentional, automatic one. So, the user will be able to decide when to take pictures.

The quality of the pictures might not be that good, but Sony’s patent promises options like adjusting zoom, focus, and aperture. In these ways, the contact lenses will be like our regular smartphone camera.

Did you ever dream of being able to literally show your loved ones your point of view? Thanks to the lens, users will be able to record videos. Then, if you also dream of reliving moments of your own life as though you are seeing them again, that might also happen, as the lens allows to playback videos. The lens has both internal storage and a display screen, thereby allowing the user to re-see moments lived before by closing their eyes.

The patent application has not been reviewed yet though. We might have to wait a long time before this technology is established.


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