Month: June 2016

You Have A Superpower: You Can Sense Magnetic Fields!

Do you know that we all have a superpower? We can sense magnetic fields. What if humans could find their direction thanks to the ability of detecting magnetic fields just like some animals can? If this might sound like sci-fi to you, know that a scientists from the US claims to have actually found evidence

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Stress and Cancer Linked Through Special Routes

Stress has been linked with cancer in a number of studies. A new research provides further support to the possible association between the two: stress might be promoting the spread of cancer. Can stress cause cancer? The answer to this question remains an evasive one, in spite of the growing body of research on the

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The Use of a Condom Depends On How Hot A Man Finds His Girl

The more attractive is a woman to a man, the less interest will the latter show to use a condom, says a new study published in BMJ Open. Safe sex goes out the window when a man finds his female partner attractive, suggests a new study conducted by a team of researchers from the University

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Living Bacteria Successfully Used To Store Gigabytes of Data

data stored in bacteria photo

Science breaks the news again. What if, instead of storing information in computers, we were able to do so in living organisms? This has been proven to be possible by a group of researchers from Harvard University who have shown that, not only can code lines be stored in living bacteria, but this data can also

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Diabetic Teenagers Have Less Gray Matter Volume in Brain

Diabetes comes with a series of consequences. It is marked by a range of changes that happen in the body of the people suffering from the condition. A new study adds one more to the list: changes in the volume of gray matter in the brain that are linked with speech and memory. The paper was

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People Who Value Time More Than Money Are Happier

Time or money? Choose time, if you want to be happier! The pursuit of happiness appears to lie in valuing time, according to a new study published recently. Time or money? Different people will, undoubtedly, be tempted by either — but who is happier? A new study published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science claims

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Extremophile Worm Discovered in Poisonous Sulphur Cave

A new worm species has been discovered in a cave filled with toxic sulphur gas in Colorado – something creeping right out of a horror movie. The findings are published in Zootaxa. The newly-found cave worm is blood-red, and thrives in the dark. Pretty much a vampire-worm, yes. It stays away from the light, and lives

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Scientists Discover Enzyme Protecting Against Alzheimer’s

An enzyme known for its protective effects on the brain might also protect from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, says a new study available on PLOS Biology. Researchers from Indiana University have found that the enzyme known as nicotinamide mononucleotide adenylyl transferase 2 (NMNAT2) which is said to shield the brain from oxidative stress can also provide

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Mysterious Particle X Is Behind Missing Lithium In Our Universe

A new particle (“particle X”) might help explain the mystery of the missing lithium in the universe, according to a new study published in Physical Review Letters. Scientists have built an extensive set of theories pertaining to the Big Bang. One of these involves the missing lithium conundrum. According to the calculations and estimates of

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Dogs Come From Two Ancient Wolf Populations

Dogs come from ancient wolf populations from the West and East Eurasia, says a new study published in the journal, Science. Wolves have a certain allure to them that few can deny while dogs have won over the hearts of millions worldwide. Ever wondered about their origin and link? According to the new study, the

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King Tut Had A Meteoritic Dagger, Say Researchers!

King Tutankhamun had a dagger of meteoritic origin. Yet another reason to bring the famous (but long-gone) king of Egypt to the spotlight! Documented in a paper entitled “The Meteoritic Origin of Tutankhamun’s Iron Dagger Blade“, the findings make an expose of how King Tut, the boy pharaoh, had a meteorite dagger. King Tutankhamun is

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