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The Use of a Condom Depends On How Hot A Man Finds His Girl

The more attractive is a woman to a man, the less interest will the latter show to use a condom, says a new study published in BMJ Open. Safe sex goes out the window when a man finds his female partner attractive, suggests a new study conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Southampton and University of Bristol who set out to investigate the motivation behind using or not using condoms during casual sex. Thus, the decision to protect oneself from STDs is influenced by how hot the man finds his partner. According to the research, this trend applies to casual flings when it comes to straight men.


Furthermore, this still stands even if the partner in question has a high risk of having a STD.

The researchers came to this conclusion after examining the responses of participants to a questionnaire that included pictures of women and questions like:

“If you were single and you were to have sex with this woman, how likely is it that you would use a condom?”

“How likely is this woman to have an STI?”

Regardless of the predilection of the men (some appeared to be most attracted to women they thought had a high risk of carrying sexually-transmissible pathogens while others were most attracted to women they perceived as having lower risks), the men would generally have their condom choices influenced by level of hotness.

This finding supports previous ones that suggest that decision-making pertaining to having safe sex depends on the level of attraction. However, the sample size of the study is small, and therefore, more research has to be done to confirm it. Further research is hoped to allow scientists to find ways to promote safe sex.


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