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You Have A Superpower: You Can Sense Magnetic Fields!

Do you know that we all have a superpower? We can sense magnetic fields. What if humans could find their direction thanks to the ability of detecting magnetic fields just like some animals can? If this might sound like sci-fi to you, know that a scientists from the US claims to have actually found evidence of this ‘hidden sixth sense’ in humans.


Do humans have a “magnetic compass sense”? To find out, Joseph Kirschvink, from The California Institute of Technology, has been working on it for years. He recently conducted a study involving 24 participants, and concluded from his results that we have magnetoreceptors that would allow us to sense magnetic fields.

Kirschvink had his participants exposed to a cycle of magnetic fields bearing close resemblance to that of the Earth. This happened in a dark space called the Faraday cage. He then observed their brain activity using EEG. He thus found a series of active responses in the brain when the people were exposed to the magnetic fields. According to the scientist, this finding constitutes evidence that humans can sense magnetic fields.

He explains that this ‘sense’ is part and parcel of our evolution.

His next endeavour is to now reproduce these results in the Southern Hemisphere of our planet; the previous ones were obtained in the Northern Hemisphere, in California and Tokyo.


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