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NASA is hiding alien life & UFO proof by cutting live space video?

NASA is hiding alien life & UFO proof? NASA has cut an International Space Station live stream because of the appearance of what might be evidence of alien life. Or so say UFO conspiracy theorists.

alien life

As so many modern-day stories, it all began with a YouTube video. Someone (user Streepcap1) posted a clip video of the stream on Saturday, July 9, claiming that the cut was strange just when a bright object was becoming visible. He did add that the latter might not be a UFO. However, what he pointed out concerning the cut being strange was enough to get conspiracy theorists started.

“This could well be a meteor or the like,” reads Streetcap1’s caption. “What made it interesting was the camera cut off when the UFO seemed to stop.”

Other YouTube users came together to concoct the story.

Are these claims justifiable? NASA has actually responded to these statements. According to CNET, its spokesperson, Daniel Huot, has explained that the cut was not intentional; rather, the cameras on the International Space Station are automatically controlled. He says that the station will often go out of range of the satellites through which video and audio are received. Upon losing signals for videos, a blue screen or a preset video slate will appear.

But, as you can guess, conspiracy theorists will not be abated. They insist that the feed was deliberately cut. Twitter users are still tweeting about this issue. The video below.



  1. Father Mayhem on

    I find it interesting that the International Space Station would *ever* be “out of range” of communication satellites, let alone terrestrial “ears” as it were. We have stains all around the globe. Fwiw.

  2. Missus Murtle on

    There is a wealth of evidence that the US has knowledge of aliens/UFO`s and has done so for decades – anybody doing research will soon see there are thousands of TOP officials who have given sworn testimony to this reality – it is really IS that simple – there are also many documents from governments and military fro around the world that show this is real – it is only the media who deliberately use the ridicule factor to deny it.


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