Month: September 2016

A Foetus Can Hear Inside The Mother’s Womb As From Week 24

Have you ever wondered as to when does a foetus actually start hearing? We all hear of how babies respond to sounds from within their mother’s womb, from voices to music. Do they really hear, and if yes, when does it all begin? The development of a foetus occurs in stages, as is the tradition

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NASA Confirms: There is no alien life on Jupiter’s moon Europa

Europa surface

There is no alien life on Jupiter’s moon Europa, NASA just confirmed. Bad news for those who have been expecting something “new” for days. Just 2 days ago, NASA announced that the Hubble Space Telescope had captured “surprising evidence of activity” on the moon of Jupiter: Europa. The internet was since then filled with a

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Memory of Ancestors’ Heart Attacks Remain in Genes

If your ancestors had heart attacks, this information will be saved in your genes, says a new study published in in the journal Human Molecular Genetics. Conducted by researchers from Uppsala University, the study shows that the memory of a heart attack is stored as genetic information. This occurs as a result of epigenetic changes

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You Can Teach Pigeons How to Read – Here Is How

You can teach pigeons how to read, says a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The birds can even differentiate actual words from other ‘nonsense’ sounds. A group of 18 pigeons were initiated to distinguish between words by a team of scientists from New Zealand’s University of Otago. The learning

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Twins Live Longer Than The General Population

Twins live longer than people who don’t have twins, says a new study published in PLOS ONE. Born with a companion seems to have its fair share of advantages, even to the extent of possibly having a longer lifespan. A new study based on data obtained from the Danish Twin Registry (one of the oldest

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Unbelievably Some Dolphins Breath Through Their Mouth

Some dolphins breathe in from their mouth, and not from their blowhole! A new study conducted by a team of scientists from the University of Otago focuses on a dolphin species from New Zealand. This paper contradicts what is normally thought to be common knowledge concerning dolphins that they breathe through the blowhole found on

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Planet Mars Just Revealed More Secrets To NASA’s Curiosity Rover

NASA’s Curiosity Rover has revealed never-seen-before images of Mount Sharp, the central peak adorning Gale Crater with a height of around 5.5 km on planet Mars. More interestingly, the photographs are coloured ones, giving us the opportunity to understand rock formation further. The new images date from September 8. The precise location where they were

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Scientists Have Successfully Used Beams of Light To Restore Heartbeat

Beams of light might be a good substitute for electric shocks in heart patients. Patients suffering from a heart rhythm disorder known as arrhythmia might find some relief thanks to recent technological headway. A team of scientists from Johns Hopkins and Germany’s University of Bonn have used experiments on mice and human heart models to

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Total Abstinence From Alcohol Is Better To Treat Alcohol-Dependent Patients

Total abstinence from alcohol might be the better way to treat people from alcohol dependence (as opposed to only drinking in moderation), says a new study published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research. The study was conducted by researchers from Sweden‘s University of Gothenburg working in collaboration with London Business School, Shanghai Jiao

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