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Pots of Gold at the End of Rainbows – Scientist Reviews Importance of the Phenomenon

Whether or not we find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, it sure can open our eyes to richness (of knowledge), says a review paper published in the European Journal of Physics.


Rainbows are more than just a giant display of light of our beautiful, beautiful world. According to scientist Alexander Haußmann from Technical University of Dresden, Germany, who has reviewed recent research on the Leprechaun-phenomenon, rainbows constitute a means to glean knowledge concerning our environment. For instance, some features of rainbows can become a warning sign of chemical contamination in our air. Rainbow effects can also be used to create combustion engines that would be more efficient.


The review paper focuses on a range of applications developed from studying the marvellous wonder of nature.

Rainbows, a meteorological occurrence, result from the scattering of light. In spite of technological advancement, they remain an important way to interpret weather patterns. For instance, the size distribution and shape of raindrops relating to wet weather can be understood by studying rainbows. Furthermore, the amount of water hitting the ground can be determined by coupling radar data with information obtained from rainbows, says Haußmann. Rainbows can be even more fantastic if we know how to use them.

“If our analysis methods are precise enough, we can turn rainbows into optical remote sensing tools to study the physics of rain,” says Haußmann.

The scientists also wants be use mathematical models to simulate rainbows in order to broaden our understanding of the matter.

Rainbows are more than just scattered light. They do lead us to pots of gold – knowledge.


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