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Unbelievably Some Dolphins Breath Through Their Mouth

Some dolphins breathe in from their mouth, and not from their blowhole!


A new study conducted by a team of scientists from the University of Otago focuses on a dolphin species from New Zealand. This paper contradicts what is normally thought to be common knowledge concerning dolphins that they breathe through the blowhole found on the top of their heads; the structure is the outlet from where old air is removed and replaced with fresh air when the dolphins surface from the water. However, the dolphin found off a coast in New Zealand has been discovered to inhale through the mouth.

The dolphin in question will constantly come to the surface, with its head held higher than usual, document the scientists. As it does so, its blowhole remains close, contrary to what normally happens. The researchers have also discovered that the dolphins make an audible noise when they open their mouth.

It is to be noted that the study constitutes only an observation. The scientists have not established the reason behind this apparent discrepancy.


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