Day: October 19, 2016

The Moon Gets A New Face Every 81,000 Years

The Moon changes its appearance all the time— it gets a new face every once in a while (every 81,000 years, that is), says a new study published in Nature. The Moon has inspired artists throughout the centuries. It makes us feel less alone and more connected—we all admire the very same moon, no matter

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Journey to Mars Comes With Dementia!

Astronauts travelling to Mars might suffer from brain damage that could lead to dementia and other neurological conditions, suggests a new paper published in Nature’s Scientific Reports. Humans are naturally wired to live on Earth, the planet made ideal for us. Still, our ambitious nature has propelled us beyond the ground beneath our feet to what

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Calcium Supplements Are Bad for your Heart

Calcium is good for your bones and everything, but taking calcium supplements is damaging to your heart, says a new study published in Journal of the American Heart Association. This finding is based on the evaluation of medical tests of around 2,700 individuals who participated in a heart disease study; the information, collected over a

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8 Glasses Daily Might Be Too Much For You

You might not be needing 8 glasses of water per day, says a new study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The study focuses on human consumption of fluids. It is unique in its nature because it is the first revealing the regulatory mechanism that controls fluid intake. Conducted by a team

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Jumping Spiders Can Hear You Across the Room!

Jumping spiders can hear you from a great distance, says a new study published in the journal Current Biology. You know how insects are featured with incredible sensory abilities in horror movies, right? Or, how Peter Parker turns into a superhero with enhanced senses after being bitten by a (radioactive) spider?! Well, we might be

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