Day: October 25, 2016

The Amazonian Frog Has Its Own Ant Repellent

A yellow-striped frog from the Amazon has a special way to live among leaf-cutting ants without getting bitten by them. Furthermore, the ants will even ‘protect’ it from other frogs and animals. These findings have been documented in a paper published in the journal Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology. The clever little Amazonian frog (scientific name:

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Sun Tilt Caused by Unknown Distant Planet Nine

If you’ve ever wondered as to why does the sun tilt in an unusual fashion, we now have an answer for you! The culprit might be from the edge of the solar system: Planet Nine, an undiscovered planet. A new study proposing this theory as cause will soon be published in the Astrophysical Journal. Planet

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Evidence for Right-Handedness in 1.8-Million-Year-Old Fossil

The earliest evidence for right-handedness has been found in a Homo habilis fossil. The findings are published in the Journal of Human Evolution. The Homo habilis has been found to be more similar to humans than to apes. The resemblance appears to include handedness as well. “We already know that Homo habilis had brain lateralization

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Grow Your Own Food From Plant Cells In Your Very Own Kitchen

The future might come with days where we won’t even need plants to have our food as technology can help us grow food ingredients using plant cells in a bioreactor, says a study led by researchers from Finland. The team from Finland has created an appliance, called CellPod, made up of plant cells inside a

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