Day: November 17, 2016

Brains of People Who Do Not Like Music Explored

What is different in the brains of people who do not find music to be appealing? A new study published in the PNAS journal attempts to explain the mystery. In case you’ve ever wondered as to how does the brain of people who are not pleasantly stimulated by music work (a condition known as musical

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Distractions Benefit The Ageing Brain

Distractions might be good for older adults in carrying out certain tasks, says a new study published in the journal Trends in Cognitive Sciences. Ageing comes with too many unpleasant effects that humankind has always attempted to tackle. Perhaps, distractions might do the trick? Ageing makes concentrating on specific tasks more challenging. Thus, if distractions are

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Injecting Human Teenager Blood To Your Body Enhances Memory

red blood cells

Young human blood might prevent old bodies from ageing! No, this is not some vampire-story, but the conclusion to a new scientific study recently presented at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in San Diego. Acting Younger Because of Injected Teenager Blood Injecting blood obtained from teenagers can come with rejuvenating powers: when scientists tried

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