Day: April 25, 2017

Venomous Fish: The Secret To Treating Pain & Cancer?

When we hear of venomous animals, we will, most likely, immediately think of snakes. But, did you know that thousands of fish species are also venomous, capable of inflicting severe pain? Even more interestingly, separate teams of scientists are endeavouring to find out how we can use specific fish venoms to treat pain, cancer, and other medical

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Wax Worm Eats Plastic: New Waste Management Method?

The wax worm (caterpillar) has been found to eat plastic. The discovery, documented in a paper published in Current Biology, might pave the way to a fast and effective method to get rid of polluting plastic. Plastic: Food for Worm Turns out there is a type of plastic that can be easily biodegraded. New scientific

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