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9th Planet, Nibiru, Finally Discovered?

A 9th planet, one that is not Pluto, exists in our solar system, according to a hypothesis put forward by a group of astronomers. But, can it be proven? New findings show that the theory might not be that far-fetched.

Does Planet Nine (or Nibiru) exist?

Some astronomers have made the case for a 9th planet in our solar system—one that is not Pluto. They have been discussing the possibility thereof, and we finally have new findings that showcase potential candidates.

The SkyMapper telescope of the Australian National University has been used by around 21,000 volunteers who, together, were able to browse through 100,000 images of a faraway region of our solar system where a mysterious 9th planet might be concealed from us. The group effort brought forth the labelling and classification of 5 million objects—a feat that would have, otherwise, taken decades to accomplish if only one astronomer did the job.

From this data, 4 different objects stood out: they are being considered as possible candidates for the elusive 9th planet.

These findings—the ones pertaining to the 4 mysterious objects—will now be analysed by professional astronomers. Maybe, at the end of a thorough examination conducted by experts, one of these heavenly bodies might be confirmed as a planet or a dwarf planet.

This theoretical planet is given many names. Some call it Planet Nine while others mention a more original name, planet Nibiru. It is believed by some that it is a rogue planet that was pulled into our solar system at a later time. However, as far as scientific evidence goes, we cannot as yet prove its existence. So, meanwhile, we should wait and watch, because the theories (both plausible ones, and mythical ones) are many, while facts are not known to us.


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