Day: June 7, 2017

Are Friends Better Than Family?

Friendship might become more important than family in the long run, suggests a new study published in the journal Personal Relationships. Friends vs Family We do not choose our family, but we can choose our friends. The latter become more and more important with time, contributing positively to one’s health and happiness to a greater

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Gene Therapy To Turn Off Severe Food Allergies & Asthma

Gene therapy might give long-term protection from severe allergies like asthma by simply turning them off, suggests new research published in JCI Insight. Severe allergies might be turned off with a single intervention, suggests new immunology research conducted by scientists from The University of Queensland (UQ). The team’s main aim is to develop a gene

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The Nose Remembers: Nasal Memory for Flus

Immune cells in the nose remember past viruses, and attack them accordingly, shows a new study published in Science Immunology. The nose of mice remembers: specific immune cells in their nasal tissues were found with the ability to remember, and thus swiftly attack, influenza viruses that had previously infected them. The immune system has a

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