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Binge Drinking Decreases Your Chance of Getting A Job

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Binge drinking in college affects your future careers: it decreases your change of getting a job, says new study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology.

Binge Drinking & Job Hunting

If you want a job after college, you better watch your drinking behaviours, suggests new research conducted by investigators from Tel Aviv University and Cornell University. The manner in which students are involved in binge drinking has an impact on the likelihood of landing a job.

What is Binge Drinking?

As per the parameters of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, binge drinking, for women, is consuming 4 or more alcoholic drinks in 2 hours, while for men, it amounts to 5 or more such beverages within 2 hours. The new findings show that those who binge-drink in college—this translated into heavy drinking 6 times per month—have a lesser chance at securing a job after graduation; the odds are reduced by 1.4% by each individual drinking event during the month.

How or How Much?

Interestingly, the research shows that drinking itself might not be as much a problem as one’s drinking habits. Co-author Peter Bamberger explains that how students drink is apparently more of a determining factor than how much they are drinking, when it comes to the likelihood of finding a job post-graduation. According to Bamberger and his colleagues, a non-binge trend, on the other hand, does not harm job hunting; rather, only binge levels will have the above-mentioned negative repercussions.

“A student who binge-drinks four times a month has a 6 percent lower probability of finding a job than a student who does not engage in similar drinking habits. Those students who drank heavily six times a month increased their unemployment probability to 10 percent,” comments Bamberger.

Supporting Studies

The researchers conclude by highlighting the pertinence of their study: their paper is described as being consistent with previous works carried out in similar fields.


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