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Surgical Glue Seals Wounds in 1 Minute (Watch Video)

S u m m a r y :
An elastic surgical glue can seal wounds in arteries, lungs, and the heart within 60 seconds only. The new invention can be used for emergency situations to save lives. The findings are documented in a paper published in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

MeTro, the New Surgical Glue

A surgery-revolutionising super-glue is here! Highly elastic and adhesive, the glue seals wounds in no time, replacing staples and sutures both. Named MeTro by a team of biomedical engineers from the University of Sydney and the United State, the surgical glue has successfully bonded the arteries and lungs of rodents as well as lungs of pigs. It is meant to seam body tissues that are characterised by a constant expansion and relaxation movement; if not sealed, they would run the risk of re-opening. MeTro can also work wonders on internal wounds that are normally difficult to reach using conventional methods of treating wounds.

The glue is applied directly to wounds, and then activated by light. Photo credits: University of Sydney.

Light-Activated Glue

Our new surgery glue just needs to be applied to the wounded area, and then treated with UV light. The exposure to light will activate it, allowing it to seal wounds in a mere 60 seconds.

Another interesting feature that makes it even more effective is that it comes with a degrading enzyme that will determine how long the sealant will last: this is because some wounds might take only hours to heal while others might require months.

Lead author Nasim Annabi describes the glue’s action on wounds as follows:

“The beauty of the MeTro formulation is that, as soon as it comes in contact with tissue surfaces, it solidifies into a gel-like phase without running away.”

“We then further stabilise it by curing it on-site with a short light-mediated crosslinking treatment. This allows the sealant to be very accurately placed and to tightly bond and interlock with structures on the tissue surface.”

MeTro Glue Acts Like Liquids

Study author Anthony Weiss explains that it acts like a liquid: it takes the shape of the wound, and it fills in gaps. Weiss adds that the next step is to now perform clinical testing.

“We have shown MeTro works in a range of different settings and solves problems other available sealants can’t. We’re now ready to transfer our research into testing on people. I hope MeTro will soon be used in the clinic, saving human lives.”


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