Day: January 18, 2018

Artificial Cartilage Made As Strong as Bulletproof Vests

S u m m a r y : A new type of artificial cartilage has proved to be as strong as bulletproof vests. The findings are published in Advanced Materials. A Synthetic Upgrade The human body is a true wonder, given how its different organ systems work together from microscopic to macroscopic levels to allow

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Rainbow Dinosaur With Colourful Hummingbird Feathers

S u m m a r y : Fossils of a rainbow dinosaur with colourful hummingbird feathers have been discovered in China. The findings are published in the journal Nature Communications. Meet Caihong juji, Rainbow-Feathered Dino The remains of a hitherto-unknown dinosaur have been discovered in northeastern China by a farmer; the creature is thought

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