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Take Art Courses to be Better Doctors!

S u m m a r y : Art courses help doctors be better at their profession, suggests a new study published in the journal Ophthalmology. Art & Medicine, Two Worlds Colliding If you’re a medical student, you might want to try your hand at art! At least, according to a new study conducted by researchers

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Creating Art Rewards Your Brain

S u m m a r y : Creating art, from colouring to doodling and drawing, makes the brain feel rewarded, shows a new study published in the journal The Arts in Psychotherapy. Reward your brain with art! Colouring, doodling, and drawing are all rewarding to the brain, says art therapist Girija Kaimal from Drexel

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The Universe In A Single Picture: Artist Pablo Carlos Budassi At Work

Our universe is so vast and moving at such high speeds that we cannot ever grasp its beauty in one shot. However, when we have art, we can at least depict it from our imagination with a little help from science. Artist Pablo Carlos Budassi has created an illustration based on NASA images and logarithmic

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Artist With Synesthesia Portrays How She “Sees” Famous Songs

This artist can see sound and songs and here are what they look like. We hear sounds and see colours – this is how the human brain and nervous system are wired. What happens if these senses are swapped, so to say? A neurological condition called synesthesia actually causes some people to “see sounds and

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