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Movie Encoded in DNA Replayed by Scientists!

S u m m a r y : A race horse movie has been encoded in DNA in living cells, and then replayed—thus has the new study, recently published in the journal Nature, brought into existence the ‘world’s first molecular recorder’. Making a Molecular Recorder DNA encodes genetic data—all about what makes you up, or

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Humans Self-Domesticated Themselves in the Distant Past

S u m m a r y : Instead of humans domesticating animals, humans were domesticating humans, back in the day. The Selection Process Before we domesticated animals, we, humans, domesticated ourselves: this was done through a process of selecting ‘tame’ humans over aggressive ones. Choosing tameness over its opposite trait has been suggested by

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New Glass Frog Shows You its Heart!

S u m m a r y : You know how some people wear their heart on their sleeves, right? Well, we now have a frog that wears its heart for all of us to see! Literally! And, it’s not just its heart that we can contemplate. The new findings are published in ZooKeys. A

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Treating Heart Attacks With Photosynthetic Bacteria

S u m m a r y : Photosynthetic bacteria protect the heart from damage caused by a heart attack, suggest new findings published in the journal Science Advances. Saving hearts (lives) with photosynthetic bacteria Heart disease claims thousands of lives throughout the year. Researchers are always trying to find better treatment methods to undo

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Love Hormone: Why Moms Risk Their Lives to Protect Their Children

S u m m a r y: The love hormone oxytocin might be behind the courage of parents who are willing to sacrifice their lives to protect their offspring if the need arises, suggests new research published in the journal eLife. A parent’s heart is unlike others’ While the animal (and human) instinct is to

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Scientists Turn Naked Mole-Rats Into Plants!

Naked mole-rats ‘turn into’ plants when they are deprived of oxygen, shows a new study published in the journal Science. We all absolutely need oxygen to live. But, not naked mole-rats, apparently, suggests a new study. When a team of researchers from the University of Illinois deprived a group of naked mole-rats from the essential gas,

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