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Study Indicates: A New Species of Humans on Earth by 2050

An anthropologist has put forth a theory binding culture and the concept of evolution. Cadell Last, an evolutionary anthropologist, wrote a paper entitled “Human Evolution, Life History Theory, and the End of Biological Reproduction”, explaining how a new species of humans might walk the Earth in around 30 years, by 2050. The evolution he focuses

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Mice With Human Brain Gene Learn Faster Than Expected

When a bunch of mice had inserted in their system the “human language gene”, they were observed to have increased cognitive abilities. When they were made to find food in a maze-like setting, they performed better than normal mice without the added gene. The human brain has wonders of its own, the faculties of which

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Scientists Activate Specific Gene That Prolong Life

Researchers have recently spotted a gene that could be activated to prolong life both in terms of quantity and quality. They have demonstrated the effects of the gene activation in fruit flies which have homologues of 75 % of human genes causing diseases. With age, everything changes: we are moulded and remoulded over time, our

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Unbelievable: Living Organism Discovered Alive in Space on ISS

The International Space Station (ISS) has recently been the subject of an extremely surprising discovery: samples taken from its surface have revealed the presence of microscopic sea planktons. Now, the question is how did these organisms get there, and how were they able to survive the drastic conditions? Researchers have examined samples taken from illuminators

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HIV Virus Deleted From Human Cells For The First Time

Ever since AIDS has been ravaging societies, scientists have been put at work to find a cure. A new study has shown that the virus can be deleted from human cells by introducing a nuclease-RNA molecular tool which acts on the genome of the virus. These results could potentially provide the building blocks for an HIV vaccine.

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