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Can you guess how many mass extinctions has Earth experienced?

For years now, scientists have agreed upon five recognised mass extinctions that are said to have wiped out life on our planet in the distant past. New research, though, has suggested that a sixth one is added to the club of the famous five: the Capitanian extinction that is believed to have occurred 260 million

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Why Does The Earth Hum?

The ocean waves cause the Earth beneath our feet to let out a constant hum of its own melody, or so say a team of French scientists whose work has been published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. So, how do the waves inspire the Earth to unceasingly hum a lullaby? The Earth is known

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Will The Earth Be Hit By Asteroid “2012 TC4” In 2017?

The asteroid 2012 TC4 is expected to pass pretty close to the Earth on the 12th of October 2017. Its size is not yet known. Nor is the exact distance when it will be its closest to our planet. Are we in danger? Scientists are forever observing the sky, on the look-out for massive heavenly

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Large Manganese Nodules Discovered on Atlantic Seafloor

Setting out to look for deep-sea creatures, a team of researchers were in for a surprise to find mysterious objects on the seafloor of the Atlantic waters around 5 000 meters deep. While exploring the seafloor and taking pictures, they noticed that their gear, known as an epibenthic sled, that was used to collect samples

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Earth’s Core Has An Inner Core

Researchers made use of earthquake reading technology to have a better idea of the Earth’s inner appearance. It seems that the core is made up of two layers, an outer core, and an inner core, both of which differ in composition and structure. The Earth’s inner-inner core, beyond the reach of humans. Photo credits: Lachina

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10000-Year-Old Underwater Forest Discovered in the North Sea

A prehistoric forest that disappeared under the North Sea 6 000 years ago, believed to have been part of a land mass known as Doggerland, has been discovered by a British diver, Dawn Watson. British diver Dawn Watson made a stunning discovery in the North Sea, a great expanse of ocean surrounded by many countries

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Solar Activity In The Year You Were Born Might Be Affecting Your Survival

A new scientific study, with perhaps a superficial touch of astrology, purports that the solar activity during the year of one’s birth might be affecting certain aspects of one’s life. The effects are said to span into adulthood, brushing on survival, fertility and life-span. The environment in which we are born, live in and develop

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2015 Comes With An Extra Second, Scientists Say

One of the surprises 2015 has for us is an extra second! We will be having one second more than last year because of the slowing down of the Earth’s rotation. We all have, at some point in our lives, wished that we could be given some more time: when the deadline alarms resound louder,

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Precious Metals in Indian Ocean: Chinese Submarine Jiaolong Explores

Ambitious China does not wish to lag behind in the domain of ocean exploration for its resources. Its submarine going by the name of Jiaolong has performed its first deep dive, on Friday 2nd of 2015, into the Indian Ocean in a restricted zone to search for hydrothermal vents and precious metals. A Chinese submarine

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Is the Geometric Center of the Earth Located in Egypt?

The geometric center of the Earth is known by many other terms, such as, the geographical center, the centroid, and in some cases, the barycenter. It is defined as the center of all land surfaces on Earth. Experts have differed greatly as to how to calculate the geometric center of our planet. According to some,

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Will A Planetary Alignment in January 2015 Allow Us to Float On Earth?

Will some planetary alignment supposedly to occur in January 2015 cause a decrease in gravity, thereby making us almost weightless so we can fly? An amazingly stupid rumour has been circulating on social online networks, claiming that a planetary alignment event next January will cause a decrease in gravity for a period of five minutes

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The Big Circles: Megalithic Sites in Danger of Eradication

the big circles

The ancient and mysterious Big Circles, in the middle east are in immanent danger of eradication. Scientists are now attempting to bring awareness about this mysterious place. Scattered across all four corners of the globe, titanic monuments of stone and earth are found solemnly keeping a vigil eye on the ever-changing world around them. These

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