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Potential Prevention of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) Discovered

A new study has unveiled more of the secrets that the fatal neurological condition ALS has been hiding from us. The exact cause of ALS is still unknown. Ongoing research on the disease aims at finding the reason that triggers the degeneration of the nervous system. One such research work has shown that the brain undergoes damage very

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Live Till 120 Years By Doing Drugs, Eating Well and Exercising

The secret to a long life might be in one’s diet, according to a team of scientists. The latter added that the combination of healthy eating habits, exercising and regular consumption of beneficial drugs like statins allows for the process of cell division to go on smoothly that ultimately lead to a longer life span. Come

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Passive Smoking Makes You Fat

Confirmed: Passive smoking makes you fat! Being a non-smoker in today’s world is a great virtue – not harming oneself and not harming others. Indeed, the bad habit is not only noxious to oneself, but to those inadvertently breathing in the smoke. A new research has added yet another negative effect of cigarette smoke on

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HIV AIDS Spontaneous Cure Mechanism Found By Scientists

Two men having been infected with HIV, but, never having developed symptoms, might hold the answer to a possible cure to the disease. Also, one of the two was infected by the deadly virus 3 decades ago. The pathogens have indeed infiltrated into their immune systems but they have remained in an inactive state. Scientists

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Alternative to Antibiotics That Destroys Toxins of Bacteria Developed

While antibiotics are known to save lives of many all across the globe, they also have a major drawback: they inadvertently promote bacterial resistance whereby the bacteria respond by evolving strategies to become immune to the action of the antibiotics such that the latter can no more neutralise them. To avoid this problem, a group of international

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Breast Cancer Slowing Drug Found in Sea-Sponge

Deep seas are often associated with precious treasures, perhaps because of hyped pirate stories? A sea sponge has, however, proved to be invaluable for breast cancer patients, more specifically those afflicted with TNBC. A drug, eribulin, was manufactured from the marine creature that has been shown to prolong the lives of patients who have reached

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Ebola: Australia and Canada Take a Stern Stance on Ebola Screening

ebola virus

Ebola screening: Australia and Canada are joining several other countries to take a stern and defensive stance against the virus by stopping all visa applications from foreign nationals who have visited any of the Ebola “hotspots”. (What is Ebola?) There was no faceless rider a top a pale white horse; only microscopic viruses pillaging lives

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Black Tea Linked With Reduced Ovarian Cancer Risk

Black tea might be a critical element in the prevention of ovarian cancer. The widely-consumed beverage contains flavonoids which are known for their action on cellular signalling pathways. A new study has shown a link between the high intake of the substances and reduced ovarian cancer risk. Ovarian cancer affects women worldwide. Fighting the disease

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Google Scientists: Early Cancer Diagnosis With Nanoparticles

Google scientists are currently working on a technique of early diagnosis of diseases like cancer, whereby nanoparticles will be sent into the bloodstream through pills to adhere to cells and bloodstream substances to detect any sign of the onset of the diseases. The earlier a disease is diagnosed, the better can it be managed; many life-threatening

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Long-Term Tea Consumption Lowers Blood Pressure

How much of a tea-drinker are you? If you are concerned about the health of your heart, you might want to consistently include tea in your daily beverage consumption. A new study has shown that drinking tea for at least 3 months reduces blood pressure which, in turn, impacts positively on the heart. The consumption

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New Study on Cancer: Preventing Metastasis from being Initiated

A new study has perhaps unveiled a successful way to tackle malignant cancer. The researchers have worked on two proteins involved in the movement of cancerous cells to other body parts. They have demonstrated how by preventing interactions between the two said proteins, cancerous growths can be curtailed. Cancer exists in two broad types: benign

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Eating With Overweight People Increases One’s Appetite

A new study published in Appetite has suggested that the weight of the people with whom you usually eat might be indicating the size of your own appetite: researchers from Cornell University concluded from their findings that the body types of those in whose company you have your meals affect how much you allow yourself

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