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Alopecia Areata Patients Regrow Hairs Within Months With New Approved Drug

Some patients suffering from alopecia areata, a condition which drains them from their body hair, have been shown to have their hair restored when they consumed the drug ruxolitinib. The latter is a drug which is already in use, but, for another purpose by patients with a completely different ailment (bone marrow disease). This new

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WHO Approves Untested Ebola Medication As Emergency Measure

The critical situation in West Africa stirred by the Ebola virus for which there is no cure has caused the World Health Organisation to allow unapproved medication to be administered to the patients suffering from the deadly disease. No human effort seems to be strong enough to abate the storm the Ebola virus has caused

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Aspirin Helps Combat Against Cancer According To New Study Says

Aspirin has been regarded as a pill to be avoided because of its supposed ill effects on the heart’s health. However, a new study has shown that the previous statements made on its potential harm were not thourough enough in analysis. After having evaluated information from many reports, the researchers of the new study have

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Coffee Decreases The Symptoms Of Tinnitus

Tinnitus, the condition whereby one has a long-lasting hissing sound in the ears, has been shown to decrease in intensity by the consumption of coffee. And, yet another fact that is going to make coffee-lovers rejoice! What is still a mystery is the exact amount of caffeine that is needed to have any positive effect

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Stress During Pregnancy Might Affect Both Children & Grandchildren

Stress is harmful to anyone suffering from it. However, the implications are more serious for pregnant women. A new study even went out so far as saying that pregnancy affects the generations down the line, and not just the mother and her children in question. Stress gnaws at the suffering person like nothing else. It

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Experimental Ebola Cure Was Created From Tobacco Plants Used As Bioreactors

ZMapp, the antibody serum said to have had positive results in fighting the Ebola virus, was made in tobacco plants used as bioreactors. Genetically engineered plant viruses are inserted inside the tobacco plants so that the latter produce the desired proteins to make vaccines and serums; the plant viruses are modified to include a particular

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Pepper Helps Fight Against Colorectal Cancer

chili pepper

Pepper is more beneficial than we would have thought. A new study, published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, suggests that the main ingredient in chili peppers, dietary capsaicin, decreases the risk of developing colorectal cancer. The dietary capsaicin is said to stimulate the activation of an ion channel known as TRPV1 which lines the

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Ebola “Secret Serum” ZMapp Used On 2 Americans

Two Americans previously infected with the Ebola virus have taken in a secret serum known as ZMApp and their health have ultimately improved. Could ZMapp be the solution to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa? Little is known, as ZMapp itself is shrouded in mystery. The West Africa Ebola epidemic has been intensifying for a

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Promising Blood Test To Detect Cancer Developed

New research has brought forth a blood test which could potentially detect cancer. The study focused on white blood cells which were shown to have undergone damage according to the extent of exposure to ultraviolet light which might trigger cancerous growths– this could represent a yardstick to gauge cancer development. While nothing is definite yet,

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Intake of Probiotics Lowers and Normalise Blood Pressure


A new study has shown that probiotics, foods or dietary supplements consisting of beneficial bacteria, might be advantageous for the health of the heart by normalising high blood pressure. While the idea of bacteria finding their way inside our bodies might be repulsive, it remains a fact that we coexist at an extremely intimate level:

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Google’s Smart Contact Lenses That Can Monitor Glucose Level of Diabetics

The dream of myopic people will soon come true – this year will witness the birth of Google’s smart contact lenses. In association with the company Novartis, Google has engineered contact lenses equipped with the technology to enhance the vision of people with eyesight troubles, and at the same time, measuring blood glucose levels of diabetic patients.

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