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Genetics & Hangovers – Genes Control Who Are More Affected

What is the cause behind hangovers? Some people spend a night drinking and wake up with a terrible hangover, while others do not face the same unpleasant effects of alcohol the next day. What is the factor responsible for this discrepancy? A new study carried out by Australians has suggested that genetics has some bearing

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Ageing Affects The Sleep Cycle But How? Loss of Brain Cells, Says New Study

The older you get, the more difficult does finding sleep become – a generality attested by experts. Just like babies tend to have sleeping issues, the elderly also face trouble sleeping (if not for the same reason). One of life’s mysteries has been whether ageing directly affects the sleeping cycle. A new study has attempted to

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Coffee Decreases The Symptoms Of Tinnitus

Tinnitus, the condition whereby one has a long-lasting hissing sound in the ears, has been shown to decrease in intensity by the consumption of coffee. And, yet another fact that is going to make coffee-lovers rejoice! What is still a mystery is the exact amount of caffeine that is needed to have any positive effect

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Antidepressants Negatively Affect One’s Feelings According To New Study

Antidepressant drugs exert a certain influence on those who take them – this is an undeniable fact. But, what about the side-effects? The negative influences? What are their scope? A new study has shown that antidepressants might possibly affect the feelings of the person – more specifically, emotions related to love and attachment. Trouble is,

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Ebola “Secret Serum” ZMapp Used On 2 Americans

Two Americans previously infected with the Ebola virus have taken in a secret serum known as ZMApp and their health have ultimately improved. Could ZMapp be the solution to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa? Little is known, as ZMapp itself is shrouded in mystery. The West Africa Ebola epidemic has been intensifying for a

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Babies in Womb Can Memories Sound Patterns Done By Mother

Researchers of a new study published in the journal Infant Behavior and Development have suggested that foetuses respond to their mothers’ voices better than to any other sound, and that the frequent exposure to certain sound patterns could be memorised by them in the third trimester of pregnancy, thereby potentially aiding in learning. While the

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HIV Virus Deleted From Human Cells For The First Time

Ever since AIDS has been ravaging societies, scientists have been put at work to find a cure. A new study has shown that the virus can be deleted from human cells by introducing a nuclease-RNA molecular tool which acts on the genome of the virus. These results could potentially provide the building blocks for an HIV vaccine.

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