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Metal Flexible As Chewing Gum But Tougher Than Steel Created

The “instruction manual” – put together by Australian scientists – to making metallic glass has been published in Nature Communications. The research puts forward a model that will allow for the prediction of the combination of metals to be used to create the alloy. The metallic glass, also known as amorphous metal, is a flexible and

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Physicists Discover New Class of Particles, The Pentaquarks

Scientists at CERN in Switzerland have discovered a new category of subatomic particles named pentaquarks. The research has succeeded in solving the mystery pertaining to the particle in question. The results might also shed more light on the formation of matter. The findings might soon be published in the journal Physical Review Letters. One possible

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The Speed of Light Is Slower Than 299,792,458 m/s

speed of light slower

The speed of light might be slower than we believe according to a recent study. Major theories in science are generally unanimously accepted by the scientific world. Of these, features the theory of general relativity whereby a definite digit was assigned to the speed of light. However, recently, a scientist has mentioned the possibility of

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Mathematical Formula for LOVE Discovered

Love has been boiled down to a formula by a mathematician and a psychologist according to Hannah Fry, from the UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis in London. Hannah Fry recently released a book entitled “The Mathematics of Love”. She also explained the “equation of love” in a 2014 TED Talk. According to her, the best

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Revolutionizing Electronics – Laser Used To Create Micro-explosions in Silicon

Researchers from Australia have used lasers to generate tiny explosions in silicon to eventually create new materials which might revolutionise the world of electronics. The paper has been published in the journal Nature Communications. From left to right: Professor Jim Williams, Professor Andrei Rode & Associate Professor Jodie Bradbury with the complex electron diffraction patterns. Photo credits:

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Scientists Create Liquid-Based Lightweight Body Armour

Scientists from a Polish firm have designed a liquid-embedded body armour. The protective gear hardens upon impact – it can thus stop bullets from piercing through the skin of the targeted individual. Material used in existing body armour designs The Polish firm aims at producing body armour systems. Their latest invention involves the incorporation of

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Speed of Light Might Not Be Constant After All!

A new study, published in journal Science, has toppled one of the fundamental concepts of physics relating to the speed of light, which is considered to be a constant, at 299 792 458 m / s. Now, it seems that this is not constant at all, and that light might differ in speed when travelling

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This Physicist Created A Supercomputer Using Old PS3s

The quests of scientists have often led them to the invention of adequate apparatus and devices used as a means to get to their goals. Similarly, physicist Gaurav Khanna set out to study gravitational waves, and in his attempt to create the models that he would need, he built a supercomputer out of PS3s himself.

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FDA Warns Against Use of Ultrasound By Untrained Individuals

The FDA has warned against the unnecessary and untrained use of ultrasound imaging to take foetus selfies by individuals who do not have a medical background. As a matter of fact, companies have been set up to provide this ‘facility’ to pregnant women. While no evidence of harmful effects has been produced by experts, the FDA

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Scientists Recreate The Spark That Started Life On Earth

Scientists have recreated the original “spark” that is believed to have created life on Earth. The scientists mixed a concoction of chemicals and mud, then blasted the substance with a high-powered laser beam. The result of this experiment was the basic chemicals that create life. Although the supporters of the experiment believe the results are

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Existence of Ghosts Finally Explained By Scientists


Do ghosts really exist? Or, are they just the result of games played by the minds of humans? Whether or not you’re inclined to believing that there is a ring of truth to the folklore existing about ghosts, a team of scientists have attempted to show that they are but a figment of the imagination.

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