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New Giant Armoured Dinosaur Used Camouflage To Protect From Predators

S u m m a r y : A dinosaur with heavy armour used camouflage to play hide-and-seek from predators. The newly-discovered species is described in a paper published in the journal Current Biology. An Accidental Discovery The new species of armoured dinosaur is from the nodosaur family, and has been named Borealopelta markmitchelli. It

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How the Male Bearded Dragon Becomes Female When it’s Hot

S u m m a r y : High temperatures cause embryos of bearded dragon lizards to transform into females, and now we know why! The new findings explaining the sex swap are published in the journal Science Advances. Heat changes male lizards into female! “It’s so hot, let me change sex,” says the bearded

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Plants Cause Air Pollution During Heat Waves

Plants are air-polluting when it’s super hot! Or so says a new study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology. Plants are an important source of air pollution during heat waves because they emit chemicals that can react to form ozone. But,we know only good of plants (mostly), right?! During the day, they take in

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The Last African Dinosaur Discovered in Morocco

The (fossil of the) last African dinosaur has been discovered in a Moroccan mine. The new findings are published in the journal Cretaceous Research. Dinosaurs in Africa Dinosaurs lived in Africa millions of years ago. A dinosaur fauna distinct to the continent appears to have evolved back then, a newly-identified species named Chenanisaurus barbaricus; this

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Princess Pheromone ‘Turns’ Ants into Queens

A princess pheromone allows ants to identify their queens, says a new study published in the journal Animal Behaviour. Indian jumping ants (scientific name: Harpegnathos saltator) spot their queens thanks to a princess pheromone, which also helps them to get rid of unwanted queens! Before an ant becomes a queen, it first needs to go

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Spiderman Powers: Spider Silk Genes Unveiled

Spiderman powers are now more of a possibility. A new study published in Nature Genetics reveals the genes that hold the secrets to the incredible properties of the spider silk. Spider silks—basically the substance Spiderman uses to travel and to trap his enemies—are a most wondrous thing, and scientists have tried to look deeper into

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Venomous Fish: The Secret To Treating Pain & Cancer?

When we hear of venomous animals, we will, most likely, immediately think of snakes. But, did you know that thousands of fish species are also venomous, capable of inflicting severe pain? Even more interestingly, separate teams of scientists are endeavouring to find out how we can use specific fish venoms to treat pain, cancer, and other medical

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Wax Worm Eats Plastic: New Waste Management Method?

The wax worm (caterpillar) has been found to eat plastic. The discovery, documented in a paper published in Current Biology, might pave the way to a fast and effective method to get rid of polluting plastic. Plastic: Food for Worm Turns out there is a type of plastic that can be easily biodegraded. New scientific

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Scientists Turn Naked Mole-Rats Into Plants!

Naked mole-rats ‘turn into’ plants when they are deprived of oxygen, shows a new study published in the journal Science. We all absolutely need oxygen to live. But, not naked mole-rats, apparently, suggests a new study. When a team of researchers from the University of Illinois deprived a group of naked mole-rats from the essential gas,

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