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Monkeys Have Distinct Dialects of Their Own


The use of words is in itself an art. They allow for proper communication among individuals, with each community having its own specificities. On a higher level, the same words might be used by different people, but designating different entities altogether. Monkeys might be like us in this respect: they have different dialects, and may use the

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Robot Embedded With Worm’s Nervous System

Hear out, world. The nervous system of a tiny worm has been transplanted into the body of a robot. Perhaps, it is only a matter of time that robots and artificial intelligence overtake our human population? Though the project might sound like science-fiction, the firm behind it, OpenWorm, intends to create the first ever virtual

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Living Organisms Discovered 2.4 Km Deep In the Ocean Near Japan

Microbes found in the ocean depths, 2 400m under, near Japan by researchers of the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) have once again shown that life can thrive under extremely harsh conditions. The tiny microbes are single-celled living things with slow metabolism that are extremely tolerant to the extreme environmental conditions where hydrocarbon compounds make up their

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Scientists Name Snail After ‘Punk Rock’ Icon

Marine scientists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, in California, have discovered an interesting new species of deep-sea snail. This oceanic invertebrate has been named after the late, great, punk rock artist, Joe Strummer, of the Clash. Although the golf ball sized, spiked shell and the its former occupant, do not mirror any resemblance to the artist, the

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Electric Eels ‘Tase’ Their Prey

A study that was published on Thursday, in the Journal Science, announced new observations on the way electric eels attack their prey.The electric eel has been shocking its victims with charges of electricity since it first adapted the ability, countless eons ago. In the late 1700s humanity began to pondered this perplexing phenomenon. This indigenous aquatic predator of South America,  is known

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Injecting Human Brain Cells Into Mice Have Created ‘Super Mice’

Through a process that involves injecting the brain cells of a human fetus into a baby mouse’s brain, scientists have created what the media is calling a ‘super mouse’. This scientifically mutated mouse is reported to be four times more intelligent than an average mouse. The goal of this bizarre experiment was not to spit in God’s

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How Monkeys React to Price Tags? Obviously Not Like You

monkey with money

Our contemporary world has us thinking that the more expensive articles are the ones endowed with the better quality. Our minds have become wired to the very idea that expensive items are more valuable. Psychological studies have shown this very bias that we have developed over time. However, monkeys seem to be immune to the effect

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Mysterious Coughing Frog Finally Discovered

Scientists in the U.S have discovered the mythological ‘coughing frog’, that was recently only rumored to exist. For well over fifty years, the rural and rustic people of the U.S Appalachian Mountain range had spoken of the mysterious and legendary ‘coughing frog’. These people, who openly talked about the taboo subject were often laughed at and chastised; some

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Dogs Process Sound Information Similar To Humans

Humans with pets in their daily lives often tend to believe that the latter are comparable to little humans who understand what they say. Is this how reality goes? A new study has attempted to figure out as to how do dogs respond to human sounds. The human brain is wired to hear the sounds made

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How Vultures Eat Decaying Creatures Without Dying?

Vultures can feed on decaying materials because they have been endowed with specific adaptations, making the impossible possible. Their strong digestive tract, on top of being specially tolerant to certain dangerous bacterial species, is also able to kill most harmful bacteria. Life on Earth is maintained through the interdependent interactions we have with one another

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Rare and Nightmarish Fish Captured On Video For the First Time

Marine scientists have recorded video of the extremely rare and elusive ‘Devil Fish’ for the first time! This real life sea monster is considered to be a prime female specimen of a breed of angler fish know as the ‘Devil Fish’ , it was captured on video by a team of marine scientist from the Monterey Bay

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Bioluminescent Larva From Peru Remains Nameless

Nature has been endowed with countless species of plants and animals that delight the eyes of man (and, sometimes, creep the hell out of us!). A glowing insect larva has recently been found that has remained mysterious ever since. It is thought that its bioluminescent property enables it to catch its preys. It is still

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