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Be Advised: Plants Talk To Each Other On The Genetic Level

A new study has shown that a plant which is a parasite of another communicates with the latter by exchanging pieces of RNA.  Whether or not plants hear and talk to us, they sure talk among themselves – some of them, at least. This has been established by scientific research in the past: plants communicate

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Antartic Midge: The Insect With The Smallest Genome

The one with the smallest DNA sequence of all animals is an insect found in the south pole: the Antarctic midge. Small as it is, of length 2-6 millimeters long, this wingless insect has been endowed with the capability of surviving in the extreme environmental conditions of Antarctica. Its genome Their DNA is made up of

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Silk Leaf – The Synthetic Leaf That Produces Oxygen

A graduate from the Royal College of Art, Julian Melchiorri, claims having created an artificial leaf made of silk and chloroplasts that releases oxygen. He portrays what he calls the silk leaf as the way to go for space travel; according to him, silk leaf could be used to produce oxygen for astronauts out there

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First Mauritians In Space Are.. Lizards

Biological experiments have taken five Mauritian geckos to space. Russian scientists wish to make observations of the sexual behaviour of the green lizards in zero-gravity environments. Mauritius just got famous! The curiosity of the human mind has fired many of humanity’s greatest adventures. Humans are characterised by their habit of constantly asking and going after

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African Elephants Detect Smells Much Better Than You

Ever wondered about the nose of elephants? Is it just about size, or is there more to it? A new study has shown that its quality is as enhanced as it is long in size! The trunk of the African is composed of olfactory receptors coded by an astonishingly high number of genes that confer

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