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Oldest & Largest Crocodile Discovered: The Carolina Butcher

The fossil of an ancient predator, believed to be the oldest and largest ancestor of crocodiles, has been discovered. The fossil is said to be around 231 million years of age. The animal lived in North America before the era of dinosaurs. It has been named Carnufex carolinensis, and is commonly referred to as the

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Stone Age Humans Were Drug Addicts

According to the study of an anthropologist from the University of Valladolid, Spain, ancient humans used to consume psychoactive drugs like opium and magic mushrooms. Opium The results of the researcher – Professor Elisa Guerra-Doce – indicate that humans have been into the use of mood-altering substances since the Stone Age. The evidence for opium poppy farming was

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Wildfires Caused Mass Extinction of Living Things 60 Million Years Ago

It is believed that more than 60 million years ago, an asteroid 10-kilometer in width hit our planet, leaving behind great chaos. This event is also associated with the mass death of non-flying dinosaurs, as well as 75 % of the living species of that time. Another major impact that some scientists think might have

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Earth’s Oldest Snake Fossils Discovered in Europe & Colorado

Snakes have allegedly been on this planet for much longer than scientists had previously thought – 70 million years before the past estimated time. The discovery of the fossils of four ancient snakes has provided more insight as to the age of the oldest snake the Earth has seen. Calculating the time as to when

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Did Vikings Trade with Native Americans?

Archaeologist Patricia Sutherland produces more Viking artifacts from Baffin Island. These new relics promote an intriguing theory, involving the relationships between the indigenous American people and the European Vikings. Some may criticize Sutherlamd’s accountability and cite her for historical inaccuracies, but the archeologist has been collecting provocative evidence that promotes interesting theories on the presence

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Extinction of Dinosaurs Caused By Volcanic Eruptions

dinosaurs volcano

Dinosaurs are dead and buried, but still manage to capture the attention of scientists worldwide. In an attempt to explain their disappearance from our planet, researchers have determined the exact age of the Deccan Traps found in India, which are thought to be related to the massive extinction of the giant lizards, by using zircons. Photo

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520-million year old Fossil of a Bizarre Balloon Like Animal Discovered in China

This recently discovered fossil is of an ancient marine animal, that lived 520 million years ago. The creature consisted of a rigid, balloon like exoskeleton that was covered in hard, sharp spines. The name of this strange Cambrian-era creature is Nidelric pugio and belongs to the species of life forms known as chancelloriids, which also shared the same hard

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30000 Years Ago Humans Ate Mammoths On A Large Scale

30 000 years ago, the humans that did inhabit the Earth fed on mammoths on a large scale. Biogeologists have proved that the enormous animals were thus subjected to the needs of man. The recently published scientific paper is available online on ScienceDirect database.  The prehistoris site from where the mammoth-eating humans came from is known

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Cloning Woolly Mammoths From 40,000 Year Old Ice Age Remains


Cloning a woolly mammoth can be the next big bizarre thing to reach the news. Tori Herridge a plaeobiologist from London’s Natural History Museum, will head a team of documentary filmmakers on an hour long television program that will not only investigate, but inform the world if in fact, the well-preserved, frozen carcass of a

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Remains of Ice Age Infants Unearthed in Alaska

The remains of two infants found in Alaska in 2013 have revealed new information about the organization of societies having existed around 11 000 years ago. Researchers have documented the youngest remains ever to have been discovered in the region of North America, in a site in Alaska. The remains were found back in 2013

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Ancient City of Teotihuacan: 50000 Relics and Artifacts Found


48 Kilometers or 30 miles north east of Mexico city in the San Juan Teotihuacan municipality lives a noble and ancient city consuming a massive 83 square kilometer (32 square miles) plot of the great Mexico valley. This hulking city born of earth and stone, is silently telling its tales of glory and woe today.

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“King Nose” Dinosaur Discovered

A new species of dinosaurs has been discovered from storaged fossils and it has been named Rhinorex condrupus. Rhinorex is the latin equivalent of “King Nose”. The name has thus been chosen as the putting together of the fossils of the dinosaur revealed a large nose, uncharacteristic of its other relatives which instead have a

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